Corporate Activities

How we do ?

  • We only appoint young men and women who are energetic and are 18 to 30 years old to ensure maximum output and services to the customer .
  • Newly appointed employees undergo rigorous one week training under the guidance of senior professional employees those who are working with us for 5 years or more.
  • We check the background of newly appointed employees before hiring/appointing them.
  • Supervisors are assigned to ensure that the staff deployed carry out their responsibilities properly to our valued customers.
  • We ensure that cleaning and other materials are of the best quality.
  • Weekly meetings are held by the General Manager along with the Managers and Supervisors to discuss different issues to improve the quality of work and to create better customer experience. All Customer complaints are dealt with personally by the General Manager .

What We Do?

  • Providing Human Resources in Entry level Management.
  • Providing Services as Direct Sales Agency for different Banks & Financial Institutions.
  • Providing Messenger & Tea-Boy Support.
  • Providing Drivers Support.
  • Providing Cleaning and Maintenance Support.
  • Technical Support especially in the field of Telecom.
  • Photocopy Rental Service.
  • Car Rental Service.
  • Office Stationary Printing.
  • Pest Control.
  • Other Services as per reference list.

Who we are?

Techno Associates and Munames Pvt. Ltd. came into being 15 years back i.e. in the year 1995 with an innovative idea of providing sophisticated outsourcing and logistic services to our valued customers. There are enormous opportunities of outsourcing of many essential services e.g. Cleaning, Repairing, Maintenance, Photocopy and Messenger Services etc.; thus freeing the Executives to conduct their core businesses. We provide these services through the most professional and dedicated work force of our company. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.